5 Halloween Horrors For Your Pet

Dr. Monica Sterk, DVM


  • The Doorbell
    Pets with anxiety or fear of strangers may have a tough time with the constant ringing of the doorbell when Trick-or-Treaters are out.
    How to avoid this:
    Keep your pets away from doors and in another area of the house, if possible. If your pet is fear aggressive or suffers from anxiety from the doorbell, try hanging a sign on the door asking Trick-or-Treaters to knock. Or, if that still causes anxiety, try leaving a bowl of candy out for Trick-or-Treaters instead of having them ring/knock.


  • Candy
    Save yourself a trip to the veterinary ER and keep your candy away from pets. Not only is chocolate ingestion a concern, but many candies have xylitol (an artificial sweetener) that can be toxic to your fur kids!
    How to avoid this:
    Keep candy is areas that pets cannot get to. Watch out for the wrappers, too!


  • Getting Lost
    There’s a lot going on during Halloween night – people dressed up, the door opening and closing, scary noises, etc. Some pets may get spooked and try running away.
    How to avoid this:
    Keep pets in a safe and quiet area away from the door. Make sure your pets have ID tags and are microchipped, just in case they do get lost.


  • Pet Costumes
    We all love to see our perfect pets dressed up for the occasion, but unfortunately they often don’t feel the same way. Some costumes can be uncomfortable for our pets and cause anxiety. Sometimes, they will even chew at their costume, causing another problem!
    How to avoid this:
    Get your pet used to their costume before the big day. Try it on them several times and make it a positive experience. If your pet is really bothered by the costume, take a quick selfie with them in it and take it off of them.


  • Halloween Lights & Decorations
    Many of our pets like to chew on shiny things, like lights. Chewing wires, lights, or decorations can cause some serious emergencies such as burns, scratches, GI issues, and even electrocution.
    How to avoid this:
    Hang decorations high enough that your pets won’t be able to reach them. Avoid leaving pets alone in areas where there are a lot of decorations. Turn off lights/electrical decorations when not in use.

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