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Welcome to our hospital!

Taconic-Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center has been a dream of mine for forever and this dream is now becoming a reality. Please let me share with you what 30 years of dreaming has produced.

Taconic-Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center will be a fully staffed 24 hour emergency hospital. A doctor will always be present to supervise the immediate care of your pets with the assistance of trained medical staff. The facility will remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and will be equipped to stay open regardless of weather or power outages. State of the art technology will allow you to visualize your hospitalized pet throughout the night.

The hospital will be staffed by general practitioners as well as a board certified surgeon who can handle orthopedic, soft tissue and laparoscopic surgeries.

Our doctors will be available during the day for routine services such as wellness exams, vaccinations, in house laboratory testing, neutering, dentistry, and all of your pets’ medical and surgical needs, especially in times of illness.

As one of the few hospitals in the country equipped with the combination of an Artemis Therapy Laser and hyperbaric chamber, we can offer effective cutting edge technology as an alternative treatment for such conditions as osteoarthritis, brain and spinal chord injury, snake bites, large non-healing wounds, severe pancreatitis and many more.

Imaging is an important tool that aids our doctors ability to make a proper diagnosis . Our fully equipped imaging department includes Computerized Assisted Tomography (CAT scan), digital radiography and ultrasonography.

Laparoscopic surgery will be an available surgical alternative for certain procedures. This technology is less painful and allows our patients to return to their normal routines quicker.

The wide range of endoscopic equipment we have will aid in visualizing our patients’ insides, removing ingested foreign bodies, and obtaining diagnostic biopsy samples. Surgery in many cases can be avoided because this equipment is available.

As the hospital director, I guarantee that you and your pet will always get the best that our hospital can provide. Our mission at Taconic-Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center is to professionally and compassionately provide our community the highest level of veterinary healthcare. We pledge to communicate to our clients the How, What, and Why while respecting and understanding their needs.

Please watch for our opening.

Leonard Berk, DVM

Hospital Director

General Practice

The hospital phone is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In-hospital emergency care is provided depending upon the doctor’s availability.  If the doctor is unavailable, you will be referred to an emergency clinic.

The most common disease in small animals over the age of 5 years is periodontal disease which  left unaddressed can affect other organs such as the heart and the kidneys.   Our professional staff is  well trained in all aspects of diagnosing and treating dental disease.   

The advanced dental imaging available to us will generate a 3-dimensional computerized model  of your pets’ mouth in less time than taking conventional 1-dimentional dental x-rays.  We will be able  to clearly identify most oral disease in a shorter time, thus shortening the length of anesthesia.

Once imaging of your pet’s mouth is obtained and a full oral exam is performed, the doctor will  go over the findings with the owner prior to proceeding with treatment.  Once a treatment plan is  agreed upon, any extractions will be performed by the doctor.  A technician will then clean and polish all  remaining teeth.

Helpful information relating to Pet Dentistry:

US and International Dr. Berk is USDA certified and can provide National and International health certificates.
With the proper equipment providing a fully functional laboratory within the hospital, we are able to identify and report diagnoses immediately.

Veterinary laser surgery provides the same benefits to pets that human patients have enjoyed for over thirty years: less pain, less bleeding, less infection, less swelling and discomfort after surgery, and the ability to resume normal activities sooner. The laser therapy offers more effective surgery, less pain and a faster recovery time. When pets recover quickly, they get to go home faster, making owners and veterinarians happy.

Both dental and routine radiology preformed digitally. Evaluations of Radiographs are available within seconds of taking the images.

From the routine to complicated, we are here for you and your pet. All surgical procedures will be arranged through the doctor, technicians or the receptionists.

Dr. Berk is trained in ultrasonography. All ultrasounds are reviewed by Board Certified Radiologist.

A vaccination program specifically with your animals needs in mind will be recommended for your pet.

Specialty Services


This new laser has the capabilities due to cutting edge technology to not only decrease inflammation but also to stimulate stem cell growth. Artemis can used by itself to treat some conditions or together with the hyperbaric chamber. The conditions that Artemis can improve are the same as the hyperbaric. Artemis has recently been used in treatment of acute renal failure.


A CAT scan as it is usually referred to. This scanner is one of the few specifically for animals. This piece of equipment allows our doctors’ to see things that regular radiographs cannot.

Can be used for diagnosis and treatment for specific conditions such as collapsed tracheas, placement of devices in certain heart conditions


A treatment modality that can be used to treat but not limited to osteoarthritis, multiple neurological injuries or diseases’, large wounds, non-healing wounds, pancreatitis, and Lyme disease. .The theory behind the chamber is to use oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure to improve the specific condition. See hyperbaric chamber on web site for more info.

Quicker recovery and less pain for your pet. This is minimal invasive surgery for your pet. Examples of procedures spay, exploratory with biopsies and many others

These scopes will allow us to retrieve some gastrointestinal foreign bodies, or get biopsies. Going into the lungs, these scopes will allow us to visualize actual lung tissue and retrieve samples for diagnostics.