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A Letter from Hospital Director, Leonard Berk, DVM

TACONIC-Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center has been a dream of mine for forever that has now become a reality. Please let me share with you what 30 years of dreaming has produced.

TACONIC-Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center is a fully-staffed 24-hour emergency animal hospital. A doctor will always be present to supervise the immediate care of your pets with the assistance of trained medical staff. The facility remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and is equipped to stay open regardless of weather or power outages. State-of-the-art technology allows you to visualize your hospitalized pet throughout the night.

The hospital is staffed by general practitioners as well as a board certified surgeon who can handle soft tissue and orthopedic issues.

Our doctors are available during the day for routine services such as wellness exams, vaccinations, in-house laboratory testing, neutering, dentistry and all of your pets’ medical and surgical needs, especially in times of illness.

As one of the few hospitals in the country equipped with the combination of an Artemis Therapy Laser and hyperbaric chamber, we can offer effective cutting edge technology as an alternative treatment for such conditions as osteoarthritis, brain and spinal cord injuries, snake bites, large non-healing wounds, severe pancreatitis and many more.

Imaging is an important tool that aids our doctors’ ability to make a proper diagnosis. Our fully-equipped imaging department includes Computerized Assisted Tomography (CAT scan), digital radiography and ultrasonography.

The wide range of endoscopic equipment we have aids in visualizing our patients’ insides, removing ingested foreign bodies and obtaining diagnostic biopsy samples. Surgery in many cases can be avoided because this equipment is available.

As the hospital director, I guarantee that you and your pet will always get the best that our hospital can provide. Our mission at TACONIC-Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center is to professionally and compassionately provide our community the highest level of veterinary healthcare. We pledge to communicate to our clients the how, what and why while respecting and understanding their needs.

Leonard Berk, DVM
Hospital Director