Artemis Therapy Laser

What is NRT™?

When cells are affected by significant acute or chronic inflammation the cell cycle stops. Healing either does not occur at all, or occurs only though placement of fibrotic scar tissue. Scar tissue has previously been a limiting factor in healing tendon and ligament injuries. Epica™ Medical Innovations has developed an exciting new therapy called NRT™, (Noninvasive Regenerative Therapy). As the name suggests, NRT™ is a way to regenerate and even remodel already scarred tissue back to a normal healthy state completely non-invasively, without pain or side effects but with tremendous efficacy.

NRT™ has twenty years of research and clinical studies behind it and has proven to be the first and safest, consistently effective regenerative therapy.

How Does NRT™ Work?

NRT™ , is a process of delivering, specific pulses of high power but low volume energy of the appropriate wavelength and waveform to tissues that need to heal or have already been replaced by scar tissue. These perfectly tuned pulses mechanically cause the cytoskeleton of the cell to signal the nucleus in the same way a healthy cell would, bypassing the chemical pathway blocked by inflammation and “tricking the cell” to “turn on” the cell cycle.

This causes the cells to create proteins and reproduce. As the new cells are created, using NRT™ , they express factors that influence the cells around them to “turn on.” In other words, they simply tell all their neighboring cells to “turn on” and “get to work.” The result is a healing cascade that allows regeneration of tissue in a way that was previously thought to be impossible. Tendons, ligaments, muscle, bone, and many other tissue types can be regenerated non-invasively. With only a few treatments per week for about four weeks, NRT™ allows rapid healing, along with a better quality of biologic tissue. Your veterinarian can recommend the appropriate treatment plan for your pet.

For NRT™ to be effective, the energy must be the exactly the right wavelength and Waveform, using exactly the right power and pulse frequency; delivered to the correct area. Artemis™ is the only device in the world capable of performing NRT™.

NRT™ has proven success with the following conditions:

Arthritis/Arthrosis, Acute injuries, Post operative healing, Cartilage repair, Swelling and edema, Remodeling of chronic scarring, Degenerative joint disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease,  Tendonitis/Tendonosis, Acute spinal injuries, Nerve impingement, Nerve damage, Edema, Bone healing, Tendon/ligament regeneration, Inflammation anywhere, Dysplasia, Stomatitis, Surgical ablation procedures, Pancreatitis, Renal Insufficiency, Minimally Invasive Surgical Ablation, Rhinitis.

Other Specialty Services

A CAT scan as it is usually referred to. This scanner is one of the few specifically for animals. This piece of equipment allows our doctors’ to see things that regular radiographs cannot.

Can be used for diagnosis and treatment for specific conditions such as collapsed tracheas, placement of devices in certain heart conditions

A treatment modality that can be used to treat but not limited to osteoarthritis, multiple neurological injuries or diseases’, large wounds, non-healing wounds, pancreatitis, and Lyme disease. .The theory behind the chamber is to use oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure to improve the specific condition. See hyperbaric chamber on web site for more info.

Quicker recovery and less pain for your pet. This is minimal invasive surgery for your pet. Examples of procedures spay, exploratory with biopsies and many others

These scopes will allow us to retrieve some gastrointestinal foreign bodies, or get biopsies. Going into the lungs, these scopes will allow us to visualize actual lung tissue and retrieve samples for diagnostics.