Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body’s own natural healing processes. During HBOT, the patient breathes nearly 100% oxygen under controlled, elevated pressure.

Under normal circumstances, oxygen is carried through the body by red blood cells with very little dissolved in the plasma or other fluids of the body. When there is injury or disease present, the red blood cells often cannot reach the affected areas or the microcirculation of other vital organs, and healing is greatly compromised. However, HBOT increases oxygen solubility in plasma and other body fluids, allowing it to reach more cells in injured, diseased, or hypoxic tissues.

Oxygen under pressure not only supplies this vital gas for cellular metabolism, it modulates the expression of inflammatory genes. Intermittent pulses of HBOT result in short elevations of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and reactive nitrogen species (RNS). This causes an elevation of the body’s own circulating stem cells, and up regulates growth factor receptors responsible for wound healing.

As adjunctive therapy, HBOT improves the healing capabilities and quality of life of patients in many ways, which are not possible with traditional medical treatments.

For optimal results in certain conditions it is recommended to use HBOT in conjunction with the Artemis laser.

Conditions that may benefit from HBOT:
• Problem Wounds- wounds over joints and large non-healing wounds
• Neurologic Injuries and disease- HBOT is extremely beneficial to patients that have undergone hypoxic episodes.
• Osteoarthritis-Animals that cannot take NSAIDS or those cases in which traditional modalities are not producing results. (In conjunction with Artemis laser)
• Delayed fracture healing-In conjunction with Artemis laser
• Non responsive Lyme disease-including Lyme nephritis
• Severe Pancreatitis
• Chronic Kidney Disease
• Snake Bites

Other Specialty Services

This new laser has the capabilities due to cutting edge technology to not only decrease inflammation but also to stimulate stem cell growth. Artemis can used by itself to treat some conditions or together with the hyperbaric chamber. The conditions that Artemis can improve are the same as the hyperbaric. Artemis has recently been used in treatment of acute renal failure.

A CAT scan as it is usually referred to. This scanner is one of the few specifically for animals. This piece of equipment allows our doctors’ to see things that regular radiographs cannot.

Can be used for diagnosis and treatment for specific conditions such as collapsed tracheas, placement of devices in certain heart conditions

Quicker recovery and less pain for your pet. This is minimal invasive surgery for your pet. Examples of procedures spay, exploratory with biopsies and many others

These scopes will allow us to retrieve some gastrointestinal foreign bodies, or get biopsies. Going into the lungs, these scopes will allow us to visualize actual lung tissue and retrieve samples for diagnostics.