Whether it be tailored vaccination programs or laser surgery, we are always looking to provide our patients with the safest most advanced care. With an on-site laboratory, an array of advance imaging modalities and full surgical and dental suites, TACONIC Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center is equipped to handle all your pet’s medical and surgical needs.

Few pets need every vaccine available. Although there are several important diseases that owners should be aware of and should vaccinate their pet against, vaccinations are tailored to your pet’s life-style and exposure risks.

TACONIC Rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center accepts emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all holidays. While our hospital is fully staffed 24/7, you are welcome to walk in with your pet, but a phone call is greatly appreciated. Emergencies will be triaged on arrival. Those patients requiring immediate life-saving care will be prioritized, though be assured no emergency is too small for our attention.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to identify and report diagnoses immediately. A tailored treatment plan can thus be made for your pet rapidly.

From routine spays and neuters to complicated fracture repairs, we are staffed to meet all of your pet’s surgical needs. A board-certified surgeon is available to handle any complex surgery not routinely performed. Laser surgical options are also available in many cases.

Using the laser as a scalpel, we are able to ensure a rapid recovery and provide surgery with less pain, less bleeding and less risk of infection.

All imaging at TACONIC rt 202 24 Hour Veterinary Center is digital. Images can be scanned immediately by the attending veterinarian, and all radiographs are read by a board-certified radiologist to confirm proper diagnoses.

Drs. Berk and Melgarejo are both USDA certified and can provide national and international health certificates.

Very safe and painless, ultrasound imaging provides information that traditional radiographs and other imaging modalities can not. Ultrasound guided aspirates and biopsies are important non-invasive diagnostic tools.