About Dr. Saura

Dr. Alexandra Saura was born in New York City. Her affinity for animals came at a young age while she spent her winter vacations with her grandfather, a Veterinarian in Guatemala. Dr. Saura’s academic pursuit began at UMass Amherst, where she studied Pre-Veterinary Medicine, receiving her Bachelors in Science. She then traveled across the sea and attended St. George’s University on the beautiful island of Grenada. After 3 years of study and sun, she spent her last year at North Carolina State University, finally earning her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduating, Dr. Saura began practicing small animal Veterinary Medicine at a private practice in Westchester, NY. Her veterinary passions include dentistry, end of life care and the true desire to help pets and their families. Dr. Saura also operates an independent at-home hospice and euthanasia service for all furry companions in Westchester, Bronx and Manhattan.